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"A world of flirtation, ritual and power play..." 

= The Washington Post

Chairs_Gilded Workshop-9005.jpg

Before she was Helen of Troy, she was a woman whose head and heart were waging their own war. The Grecian myth gets a provocative retelling in the bookless, dance-and-music extravaganza GILDED. Described by the Washington Post as "a world of flirtation, ritual and power play", GILDED follows Helen's experience as the powerful, bronze age queen she was and the sensual journey that sealed her into history.

GILDED first previewed at the 2019 Capital Fringe Festival in Washington D.C. where it won BEST DANCE & PHYSICAL THEATER. In May 2019, GILDED presented its Off Broadway workshop at BAM. 

GILDED has an anticipated run in Spring 2020.

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